Calculations of fraction sums in PSLE math on the green chalkboard at school

Ways to Revise for PSLE Maths

The PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) is an annual national examination taken by students at the end of the final …
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Vector illustration of cartoon clip art elements depicting types of forces

Ways to Ace PSLE Science Questions on Energy & Force

PSLE is challenging for both students and parents as it tests the child’s academic aptitude, stress management levels, and resilience …
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A MCQ answer sheet with shaded answers with pencil

How to Rectify Student’s Mistakes in PSLE Science & Score Better?

PSLE Science focuses more on applying the knowledge acquired theoretically. There are several ways to approach the PSLE science examination, …
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The colorful word cloud symbolizes the question mark

All You Need to Know About Ways to Solve PSLE Maths Problems

Math problems require students to apply mathematical concepts to solve them. The word problems are generally found in the Mathematics …
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With her fingers on her chin, a primary school girl student thinks about PSLE english exam

Everything You Need to Know About PSLE English Oral Examination

PSLE oral examination is a vital component in every student’s PSLE journey as it comprises 25% of their overall score …
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English vocabulary concept. Black font and white boxes containing different English words

Tips to Handle PSLE English Exam

PSLE English is an examination to test the English language skills of a student. It tests the English skills in …
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A graphical illustration of a human mind with many colorful arrows going in and out

Tips to Help Your Child Score Better in PSLE English Oral Stimulus-Based Conversation

The oral stimulus-based conversation PSLE expects a child to make conversation with the examiner by using a picture or stimulus …
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A student hands holding a blue pen and practicing and taking the PSLE English test. Practicing and revising English

A Complete Guide to PSLE English

English is a frequently used language for most subjects in many schools in Singapore as it is an official language …
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Vector flat illustration of the school building and students in uniform many arrow-headed paths - students choosing future secondary schools in Singapore.

The Best Post-PSLE Options For Students

Once past the PSLE hurdle, your child is now ready to face a new life event: Secondary school. You will …
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